Tuesday, January 17, 2012

USA FameLab

FameLab is a talent reality show for scientists. Instead of a vocal or dance competition, FameLab allows judges which scientist is the best at explaining complicated concepts to a general audience. There are no slides, or visual aids allowed -- just one scientist explaining to the audience.

My friend Marike Navin was a runner up in the 2007 FameLab competition in the UK.

This year NASA is hosting fame lab in the USA for astrobiologists. If you have ever been interested in being a science communicator, or just think you are really good at explaining things, you should audition.

The winner will be flown to the international final in the UK in June, 2012 and will receive a trip to JPL to cover the Mars Science Laboratory mission landing event in August, 2012.

Too bad I didn't realize this was going on a few days ago. The Houston auditions were last Friday --- and I was in Houston! I guess I'll have to enter via You Tube.

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