Wednesday, February 4, 2015

So You Want to Be a Data Scientist?

People reach out to me a lot asking how I got into data science and wanting advice about breaking into the field.  Fortunately this is something I have written and talked about quite a bit!

Below is a compilation of the various things I have "out there" about my transition from academia to data scientist and what it's like to be a data scientist:

What is a Data Scientist? - General overview the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Transitioning Advice / Information
Astronomer to Data Scientist - Advice on how to make the transition from academia to data scientist.
Astronomer to Data Scientist (Talk) - More advice, and some details about what I do for my job.
Astronomy vs. Data Science - Compares and contrasts academia and the tech industry.
Nailing the Data Science Interview - Advice for preparing for your interview and what to expect.
Astronomy to Data Science, Three Years Later - An update on my transition.
Interview with Lady Paragons - What my job is like, what I do, some other stuff too.
Podcast with Lady Paragons - More about what it is like to be a data scientist.
Interview with AAS on Women in Astronomy - More about my transition and what my job it like.

Recruiting Advice
Interview with HP - Advice on Where to Find Data Scientists:

Do you have more questions? Ask them below!